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My real name is Nikola Tomic alias DJNick or Nykk Deetronic and I was born on February the 19th, 1975 in Kragujevac, smaller town in Serbia (South-East Europe). I’ve been involved in computers since 1986, when I began experimenting with sound and music (among playing games) and later with video & animation.

I am Founder and Owner of a Deetronic Design Studio for Graphics Design, Music Composing, AnimationsVideo Production, Agency that started in 1990’s and also a Founder & Owner of Srbovanje (popular web site in 2003), Mama Voli Bebu – Maksimove Avanture (Mommy Loves Baby – Maxim’s Adventures) characters & all animated films / music videos you can view on my Youtube addresses.

My skills are: Graphic Design Video Editing Motion Graphic Visual FX Web Design DTP (Desktop Publishing, Prepress & Print) User Interface Design (UI) for Apps & Games Vector, Bitmap & Traditional Artwork & Illustrations Computer Art Skinning Apps / Programs / Games Game Design Background Illustrations Wallpapers Characters Design Characters Rigging Animations Visual FX Full HD / 4K Video Production Music Composing Music Producing Voice Overs Sound Effects (SFX) Audio Engineering Acting & Vocals

Software I use: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe InDesign Renoise (Music Composing / Music Tracker) Steinberg WaveLab (Sampling & ReMix) Adobe Audition (Additional SFX) XNViewMP (Media Viewing & Indexing) OctaMED Sound Studio (Music Tracker) DigiBoosterPro (Music Tracker) Native Instruments Traktor Pro (iOS Live-Act) Duik (Character Rigging & Scripting)…


1990: The first song I’ve ever made was a 4-channel .mod (Module) composed in Pro Tracker for my RAP group, DeltaTronic I’ve formed with a friend. In the next few months we created several demo songs and appeared on our national TV. We’re representing our hometown Valjevo with our own song.

1992: During this year, 12 members joined Delta Tronic group: 4 rappers, 7 dancers and a female singer. We started to advance on the third channel of the national TV (“3K“) and had a great success at that time.

1993: I left RAP scene and started working alone. I was experimenting a lot with electronic music and in a short time I’ve composed various techno songs. I was influenced by TheProdigy, Messiah, Rotterdam Termination House, Urban Hype, Humanoid… and during the next few months I’ve finished 10 selected songs ready for publishing.

1993: One Wednesday I was a guest in one of the most popular radio shows of that time – “Radio 202“, Disko Susret / Disco Meeting radio show that was representing latest Dance, Disco and Techno hits. I was surprised to see that no-one was composing techno music in my country so my work was very well accepted and appreciated when I played 4 demo songs I’ve prepared for possible publishing. Publishers from T.I.O.L.I. (TakeItOrLeaveIt) records heard my work and just a week later we’ve signed first agreement about publishing 10 songs on MC.

In September 1993, T.I.O.L.I. records released TeknoActive, the first techno album in Serbia ever published (or the second techno-style album in Yugoslavia).

In 1994, I’ve started composing fast Break Beat and Happy Rave music styles when I shoot my first music video for the song Malo Jache. That song appeared in the Rave The Brain / 1996 and New Dance Power, CD dance compilation published by ITMM Melomarket / Belgrade.

1995: I started with Live Acts DJ performance all over Serbia with great success. At that time I’ve made the second music video for Happy-Rave song “Hands Of Fate” that appeared on Rave The Brain album. Between 1995 and 1998 I visited many bigger and smaller towns including Novi Sad (“Serbian Rave Today“), Belgrade (many parties including “YuGoa” party), Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Užice, Šabac, Smederevo, Valjevo… I’ve played only my original songs.

1996: I released Rave The Brain album for ITMM records / Belgrade. After this release I’ve become a member of Technokratia (founded by Dušan Kaličanin), a DJ organization from Belgrade that helped me presenting my new album.

One of the most successful parties was YuGoa-5 that was held on a ferryboat on the river Sava / Belgrade. A week later, Technokratia made music video of this party’s live-act shots for Pandora’s Box (break-beat) song that was playing a lot on some TV stations.

1996: During the year 1995, ex-writer for Svet Kompjutera (“World of Computers“), the famous Belgrade computer magazine started assembling a team for creating computer games. The work on our first Amiga / PC game was called Capital Punishment, and the work started during 1995 under clickBOOM team name. I’ve joined the project as a musician and I’ve created all sound effects (SFX) and composed all music (Intro, In-Game and Outro) in OctaMED Sound Studio Amiga music tracker for the Capital Punishment game. Main theme (techno-style) scored high (over 90%) in most computer magazines that reviewed the game. For e.g., in “Computer User” magazine, music for Capital Punishment scored 97%. Between 1995 and 1997 I used to work on several TV stations such as “TVA”, “TVMars”, “TVSpectrum” & “VTV”.

1997: This year I’ve officially opened a private agency for graphics & design named Deetronic Design Studio where I used to work DTP (desktop publishing, prepress / print preparation), Video, Audio editing, Music composing and creating Internet presentations for various customers. The same year I’ve opened my Youtube channelNykk Deetronic” where I began uploading video production I’ve cooperated in creating a dance album with Željko Joksimović for Bonny&Clyde dance group.

1998: I’ve made my 1st promo CD The Resurrection. in OctaMED Sound Studio music tracker that had 14 songs. Music style varies from Break-Beat (Prodigy-like), Trip / Cyber-Hop (Acid w/ Break-Beat rhythms), Acid House, even Break-Beat Goa Trance style. That year, a friend of mine Aleksandar Spasojevic “SEnder” and me decided to create visuals for my first music video, consisted only of computer generated animations. It was called Warp and it was the first non-commercial music video for a goa-trance song with the same name. SEnder created 3D animations in LightWave, on his Amiga home computer. It took all frames to render i more than 30 days on 030 processor. Warp has been played many times on 3K / RTS, mostly in VJ Techno TV show (by Dusan Kalicanin / Technokratia). It also appeared on the UK based computer magazine AF (Amiga Format)’s CD in December issue (AFCD-33) / 1998 and won the first place as the best readers’ work. and won two first places at SceneStrike3 (computer demo party) which was held in Belgrade, organized by Corrosion).

2000: This year I’ve created multimedia CD for “KPZ Valjevo”, several magazines & newspapers (“AS”, UK; “Acta Iuvenum”, Kg; “Putokazi”, Va; “Bilten”, Va; “Rukopis pod lupom psihologa”, Va; “Pogled zatvorenih očiju”, Va…) and several web presentations for various clients.

2001: The Evil Toothbrush was the third home-made experimental music video I’ve created in Summer 2001. Video premiere was on RTS1 national TV in Garaža (Garage) TV show and 3K (RTS3). It took the second place on :FLaG 2001: – European Demo Scene Meeting – computer party that was held from 6th to 8th July, 2001, in Budapest, Hungary.

2002: I’ve created another multimedia CD named Aural Respiration with 3 music videos, complete The Resurrection album in mp3 format, 100 music modules (in .mod, .med, and .dbm formats) and 25 min audio track with techno – minimal MIX of 7 new songs (152 bpm). Due to hard circumstances in this part of the World (bombarding Serbia, sanctions, pressures, etc.), this CD (later DVD) was never finished.

2003: I’ve started photographing (and collecting) funny photos so I’ve created web site (by hand, without any data-base or programming knowledge) named Srbovanje and upload it on “” address. Srbovanje became one of the most popular web sites in ex-Yu (I was even interviewed by Mira Adanja Polak, popular journalist about web site and its popularity, it was broadcasted on TV RTS 1 (national TV) back in time). In 2006 was stolen so I had to move unfinished web-site to another server – More about complications you can read here.

2004 – 2010: I’ve moved to Belgrade and started working in (and for) various companies as graphic designer, web designer, video editor and animator, including: Zepter Creative Center, Zepter International, AS Advertising, TVKoshava, IQS+, Gigatron, Phillip Morris, mt:S, Telenor, Eyvision, DigiCompanion (UK), HomeStead (CA), Axway (US), Amstel, Envato

2011: This year my Youtube channel DJNykk start to grow as I’ve started to upload more of my videos incl. funny animated music video as advertisement for PC game “Pilici” (“Chickens“), video got 50 millions views in next few years and was called: “Mi smo Pilići, Pilići smo mi!” I’ve also created my 1st iOS game “Tweens” together with Kokakiki company. I’ve been chosen to design website for my favorite computer ever – Amiga: 🙂

2012: This was the year when my 1st son Maxim was born! I’ve celebrate it by creating funny cartoon animated music video called “Mama Voli Bebu” that became very popular (at the day of writing this text, it has over 294 million views).

2013: After Mommy Loves Baby videos (translated to English, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Bosnian… etc), I’ve continued creating animated music videos for everybody (mostly kids and parents), making fun of everything, so new music videos became viral too, such as: “Ide Zmija(“The Running Snake“), “Ide Zmija i JU NAOPAKO!(Upside Down version!), “Deda Mile ima Farmu(Old McDonald), “Kad si srecan(If You’re Happy and You Know it), “Glava, ramena…(Head, Shoulders…), etc.

2014: After large Youtube channel success, I started to work on releasing regular funny videos on my channel and many big companies wanted to advertise on  my channel. Between 2011 and 2022 I had various companies advertising in my cartoons such as: “Jaffa“, “Frikom“, “Ledo“, “Neoplanta“, “Dexyco“…

2015: I’ve started creating animated series for kids “Maksimove Avanture(“Maxim’s Adventures“) based on my the most popular animated music video on my Youtube channel: – “Mama Voli Bebu“.

2015 – 2021: My Nykk Deetronic Youtube channel was attacked (and shoot-down) 11 times between 2015 and 2021 due to organized criminal group from Belgrade / Serbia as I refused to pay monthly income (racketeering) to them. Fight is still going and I hope it will be finished in next 20-30 years, knowing  situation and problems with “Serbian law”, corruption and all the worst of what you can imagine…

2022 – 2023: I continue to work as usual: creating graphics design, music composing and video animations for my channel and also advertising various clients all over the globe 🙂 At the moment of my writing this article (November 2022), my Youtube channel “Nykk Deetronic” has over 1,98 Million subscribers / followers and over 1,792,567,000  views. On the other hand, my second channel “Nikola Tomic” has over 100.000 subscribers and over 46,896,000 views. Let’s Rock! 🙂

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